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At the beginning , Malerose consists of five members who is Eak (vocals), Thames (bass), Toff (drum), Mine and Shiro( guitar )

They joined together by a love of music style “J-Rock” and began to walk on the path of music by being cover J-Rock band. Shortly after that the band was known by a J-Rock  group in Thailand with a distinctive style of dress called Visual-Kei.

Finally, they got a chance to have their own music. Their music has been influenced by many genres of music together, which are Rock, Pop, Metal, J-Rock, J-pop, etc.

combined and caused a genre in their own way called “Imagery Visual Rock”, which is a genre of rock music that is so vital to the image of dress consistent with the style of music. There is a proverb metaphorical abstraction to concrete things in metaphors in the lyrics and melody. They stressed the importance of expression through the visual and emotional music.

In 2010,They have released their first single “Rose” which has indicated the identity of  Malerose very well  and  their first music video have been released in the same year. They designed costumes and directed MV by themselves.

Although the path is not strewn with rose petals like their band’s name “Malerose” but they  still keep walking in their own way among criticism or critique or Thai’s current musical trajectory which is not the same as the direction of Malerose style.

In 2016, Shiro ( Guitar) and Toff (Drum) have left the band because of their personal but Malerose has got Birth (Drum) and Bass (Guitar) who also love in Visual Kei style and J-Rock music.

Even there are changes in the members of Malerose, they still has got a big opportunity and a big chance to join Visual Unite ( the group of Visual Kei band from all over the world).

After joining Visual Unite, they made their dream come true which is participate in World Visual Unite Festival 2015 and Cure World Visual Festival 2016 in Japan.

Nowadays, Malerose is still working on the route to the music they love and other works are ongoing, such as an original soundtrack for a movie “ Garin” and “Garin x Guardian”